Trimming Email Posts

I was reading a non-tech email list the other day and there were people reading the list on smart phones or on digest begging people to trim their email posts. I always trim my emails, so I normally just ignore those emails. I think it is rude and inconsiderate to not trim an email reply. It is just expected on tech email lists to be a good email citizen.

But there is always some one who just can't "get with the program". Sure enough, a little while later an email comes by saying, effectively: "I use some crappy email program that doesn't let me trim my posts. So why don't you just click the delete button or just skip past the emails if they are too long".

The evil Steve wanted to reply with: "Thanks for the heads up! I've just black listed your email address so I never have to read your emails again".

Instead I replied letting them know that digest readers don't have that luxury.