My FLOR House Pet Customer Support Saga

Five or so years ago I put in FLOR carpet tiles in my living room. I liked the color scheme and figured they would be long lasting. I installed them as a floating floor - the oak floor is visible around the edges of the carpet.

FLOR House Pet in the Living Room

I also liked that I could pull them up in case of dog accidents or mess making on my part. All was well for a few years.

Then I found that I couldn't reposition the tiles after pulling them up - they wouldn't stay in place. I had to buy/use more FLOR-dots (the sticky plastic tape squares that stick the tiles to one another) each time I pulled a tile up for cleaning. It was getting expensive to keep buying more dots. Pretty soon 50% of my tiles had gaps on the edges and would go flying with any dog activity.

So I went to contact customer support. I don't like spending time on the phone waiting for customer support. So when I found no email addresses on the website... (really?) I filled out the contact customer support form. I received an automated response that I'd hear back in two days. Two weeks later no reply - filled it out again - same automated response. Waited a week and still no reply.

I finally called and was passed along to someone's voice mail. I was really not happy at this point. The next day I received a call from a customer support person. I explained my problem and my unhappiness with my customer support experience. They apologized and told me that they had been having problems with the old formulation of FLOR-dots not sticking to the backing of the House Pet tiles... Clearly what I was experiencing.

So the nice woman (wish I could remember her name) had a whole pile of the new dots sent out to me in a couple days at no charge. It took about an hour to pull up the tiles that had gaps and re-dot them. No gaps and no flying tiles!

First off, thanks to FLOR for "making it right". Secondly, in this age of always connected people, it should be easy for customers to contact a company electronically - email addresses should be visible and easily accessible on the website. The spam argument doesn't cut it - companies have to suck it up and handle their email. Lastly, if a company really feels the need to have an impersonal contact form, someone has to actually be responsible for handling the contacts that come through it!